Project Firefly

React | Firebase | Firestore

Project Firefly is a coding game aimed at young children, approximately five years of age. It uses visual coding blocks to teach the logical concepts of programming. It was created by a team of 8 engineers and 2 designers.

On Project Firefly, I was primarily responsible for the Firestore database design and integration in to the front end. I also contributed to the styling and development of many of the account pages, and wrote the function for converting the code "blocks" to actual animation properties on the Fireflies.

Gnarly Funky

React | Django

Gnarly Funky was a small exercise in dungeon-generation by 4 engineers. It features randomly generated room names and descriptions, a chat room, and tracking of player positions.

I was the primary contributor on the UI design for Gnarly Funky. I also wrote the algorithm for generating rooms. The dungeon is generated by using weighted odds to walk out from the center of a 2D array and generate links between rooms. The process is repeated a number of times, creating a dense interconnected center and lengthy branches out in each direction.


Gatsby | React | Netlify CMS

My portfolio was built using GatsbyJS. Even though it's fairly simple, it serves as an example of a project intended to be easily edited and maintained for its lifetime.

I chose Gatsby primarily for its SEO features and ease of integration in to a CMS. Content can easily be edited or added without needing to touch source code via NetlifyCMS. Gatsby also provides a vehicle for me to practice GraphQL and React on a regular basis.






Java Spring

Node Express





About Me

Hi, I'm Bobby. After years of working as a texture artist, I made the transition to full-stack development. My art experience allows me to not only work on the full code stack of an app, but also the design. At the moment I use React mostly for front end, and Java or Firestore for back end. However, I'm constantly learning new things, so each new project tends to incorporate new frameworks or technologies.

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